NYFM Complaint Procedure

We hope very much that you will not have any reason to feel dissatisfied with any aspect of your mediation. If you are a client, a former client or qualifying third party and have any reason to be unhappy with the mediation we will do everything that we can to resolve this with you.

We ask that firstly you raise your concerns with the mediator dealing with your case. S/he should be able to resolve your concerns.

We have a procedure for dealing with your concerns as stated in your agreement to mediate. If the mediator is not able to help you then your concerns will be passed or should be put to Nick Hutchings email Nicholas.nh14@gmail.com or call 07884961436. Before he can deal with your concerns, all costs due must have been paid to the mediator, or direct into the NYFM account pending consideration of those concerns by him.

1. Nick will contact you as quickly as possible and in any case within 7 working days of your communication. Then Nick will let you know if he understands your issues or ask you to clarify what you are raising with him.

2. Within one week of the above, Nick will clarify the full nature of what you say by a summary in list form of the separate issues raised by you. You will be invited to confirm this as an accurate summary.

3. Within one week of you confirming Nick’s list, Nick will set out the steps that will be taken, with a timescale of no more than 4 weeks.

4. If the matter cannot be resolved by email, telephone or letter Nick will arrange a meeting with you to discuss matters including mediation of the complaint where all parties wish this to proceed.

5. Where your concerns or any aspect of them is considered to be justified, Nick will confirm this in writing with a proposal to resolve the matter. If appropriate this may mean that your case is passed to another Mediator or mediation service.

6. If you are dissatisfied with the proposed resolution, you may contact the Family Mediation Standards Board and invite them to consider the complaint. To contact the FMSB please use the following link: https://www.familymediationcouncil.org.uk/us/contact-us/ He will ensure that full cooperation is provided as required to enable the FMSB to conclude their investigation.

7. In addition you may contact the Legal Ombudsman by phone on 03005550333 or email enquiries@legalombudsman.org.uk if you have concerns about service rather than how your mediation was conducted.