The Cost

Mediation could be FREE.  Legal aid is usually not available to sort things out in other ways including solicitors and court. Find out if you may get FREE mediation and some FREE legal advice by CLICKING HERE.

Even if you cannot get FREE mediation, if the other can, then you will get parts of the mediation process FREE – the MIAM will be FREE and the first meeting will be FREE.

If at least one gets FREE mediation and some FREE legal advice both save costs to get a consent order.

The MIAMs are the first stage and cost £174 for the 2 separate meetings.

After that the cost is £95 per hour each for any part that has to be paid for. There is nothing at all added, not even VAT. You pay for the time spent in meetings and for the time spent working on documents – a written agreement and/or financial schedule. You do not pay for anything else.

How much time is spent and so paid for at £95 per hour does vary with each case but usually ranges between £500 and £1000. The amount really depends on you and your dispute.