Why Choose to Mediate

Mediation is a process to sort out your own future arrangements rather than going through the Court. One of our Mediators will sit down with you and help you talk about what you want to sort out. The impartial mediator will guide you through your various options to find a mutually acceptable way forward.

Choose mediation because you want to:

  • stop arguing
  • sort it out
  • reduce hostility
  • reduce stress
  • find your own best answers
  • make your own informed decisions
  • focus on your children’s needs
  • agree how you communicate
  • avoid Court
  • resolve things quickly
  • sort it out for the least cost (or even for free)
  • know where you stand
  • talk in a safe place
  • choose where and when to meet

Because you don’t want to:

  • carry on arguing
  • make things worse
  • increase hostility
  • increase stress
  • let someone else decide for you
  • give up your right to make choices
  • have the children think you didn’t try to sort it out
  • wait for Court dates
  • pay for or deal with Court yourself
  • be turned away from Court for not trying
  • increase costs
  • feel vunerable
  • lose choice of where or when to meet

The time has come to just get started so get in touch!